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IBgard Dosage Instructions

IBgard should be taken as directed by a physician. Usual adult dosage††:

For daily and proactive gut-health support: Two capsules once a day. Take 30 to 90 minutes before a meal, with water.*,**

When in flare: Two capsules, three times a day, for four weeks. Take 30 to 90 minutes before meals, with water.*

Do not exceed eight capsules per day. Swallow capsules whole or mix microspheres with applesauce. Do not chew.

In either case, if the pre-meal dosing is missed, IBgard can also be taken with or after a meal.

IBgard sachets (institutional packs) should be administered by a healthcare provider through a nasogastric or gastrostomy tube.

††Note: These directions reflect a slight change, to allow for separate “in flare” and “daily and proactive gut-health support” and also to recommend 30 to 90 minutes pre-meal dosing, to allow time for the gut lining to be better supported before it is challenged by meal(s).

*Based primarily on IBSREST (Irritable Bowel Syndrome Reduction Evaluation and Safety Trial). Physicians may customize based on a patient’s individual situation.

**Based primarily on IBSACT (IBS Adherence and Compliance Trial). Physicians may customize based on a patient’s individual situation.

Side Effects

In very rare cases, allergic reactions to the group of terpenes to which peppermint oil belongs can occur. Like many other food extracts, there is no chronic use dosing data available on peppermint oil.

Although the SST technology is designed to eliminate the heartburn and anal burning side effects seen in older peppermint oil delivery technologies,1 it would still be advisable to counsel patients to avoid simultaneous intake of acid reducers such as antacids.

Note: Peppermint oil may interact with certain medications such as cyclosporine, affecting how the body can break them down. People with gallbladder issues need special scrutiny.


More Information

For more information, please visit Frequently Asked Questions about IBgard. Also feel free to contact us.

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1 Lucak, S., Chang, L., Halpert, A., Harris, L.; Ther Adv Gastroenterol. 2017, Vol. 10(2) 253-275. DOI: 10.1177/1756283X16663396

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